It’s Kicking Off Mate T-Shirt (Large Slogan)

It’s Kicking Off Mate T-Shirt (Large Slogan)


What up peeps!

Avid watchers of my YouTube channel will be familiar with the “It’s kicking off mate” phrase I use. It was only when you guys started pointing it out that I realised… it’s now a thing.

Due to loads of requests and messages from you guys, I decided to make it happen! The T-Shirts and Hoodies are now in production.

There are two designs available:

Large – with the slogan located in the middle in large text

Small – with the slogan located to the side above the chest in smaller text

Refer to the images to choose the design you like.


This t-shirt is 100% cotton. We strongly advise that you hand wash it in cold water with a mild detergent.

If you must machine wash then use the delicate cycle and use cold water.

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